Wednesday, 4 November 2015

dream came true. i guess?

Assalamualaikum and hey its been a long time i didnt update! oh this is my second entry for real? haha! what a blog. 

so back to the main topic. dream came true, yeah i guess. em um im am om how to startttttttt. okay i'll begin with...


I hv a baby crush since 2008 with this tall guy. talk about crush, crush means an obsession with someone. it just like a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special. I started had crush on this tall guy which I used to call him as Jirapah just bcs he is tall as giraffe since I was form 1. I met him for the first time at Bulatan Park. We were joined a lalu lintas shell competition. anddddddd falling in love at first sight katenyeeee ahak ahak. since then, i cant get him out of my mind. wpn mlt ckp alaa jodoh 4 jam je but who knows hati Lya kan? asyik imagine muka Jirapah. but then, a few weeks later, I met him again for the second time! at our school bah! with my close friend bahhhhh! hahaha cant imagine how excited I was. dah dpt tau Jirapah ni rpt dgn bf Lya apa tunggu lg kan? haha terus interview! okay bf Lya pn explained lah who is Jirapah, his real identity. and what a coincidence! Jirapah is my bf's first cousin. my bf told me that Jirapah is so so so so so and so so. and almost forgot! my bf name is Abd Halim which I used to called him as alem kutot. and bf stands for bestfriend not boyfriend kay? 

year by year, I got inrelationshit with my exes. but crush still a crush and still fresh as blazin iceeee yeaa I had a crush on him for almost 5 years, and on 2013, he is became my boyfriend! Jirapah is my boyfriend! and yeah once again I cant imagine how happy I was. we always met, almost everyday jumpa. ketawa sama gelak sama gurau sama. a week after tu, Lya pi Kuching sbb study kan, so every night kitorang mesti otp. sampai satu hari tu, Lya nk beri goodnews yg Lya akn blik Myy tak lama lg. but sadly to say, on the same time Lya told him a good news, he asked to break up. like seriously we just made it for  8 weeks i guess. sakit ya Allah. sakit betol rasa masa tu. yela suka kt Jirapah bertahun tahun bagai lepas tu 8 minggu je? mula la Lya frust menangis tak igt dunia. sampai pengsan bagai. tp 2 weeks lps tu, Lya "move on". semua feelings ada, benci serik sedih sakit aaaa semua yg sekutu dgn tu lah. I blocked him in every media social. mls la nak cerita apesal Jirapah ni mtk break. so we were became an ex, lps tu, automatically kitorang jd stranger. 

krik krik krik

2015, 2 years has passed. some day in March. Lya jmpa Jirapah ni lg. sedar tak sedar, perasaan crush tu mula berkembang balik. igtkan dh pupus. rupanya masih lg. so, dh jumpa kena lah tegur kan? bla bla bla entah camane pulak dah kitorang leh rapat lg. but not inrelationship. day by day, we became too close. I spent my whole semester break dgn Jirapah ni. just him. end of my semester break, Lya kena balik Kuch lg sbb masok semester baru. 2 months after tu, and once again, bam! we lost contact. I really pissed off. and asked myself why we cant make it? even we're not in relationship. but yeah maybe mostly girls knows how I feel. Jirapah ni bg harapan kt Lya, sweet sweet bagai. but then he left me hanging. I really pissed off. so I used to hate him. so I tried to "move on" lg. I promised myself spya tak nak lg dh simpan any feeling kt Jirapah ni. so, lagi sekali kitorang jd stranger. 

sampai lah last semester. Lya balik Myy and forever stay kt Myy sbb tggl semester utk practical je. and berbekalkn hati beku dgn janji peti besi yg tak akan simpan ape2 perasaan kt Jirapah ni. and dah sampai Myy. 

krik krik krik 

yg beku jadi cair, yg besi telah lebur. 

Lya pn tak fhm apa special sgt lah mamat tinggi ni. sampai tak dpt lgsg nak hilangkan perasaan tu. and sedar tak sedar, jadi rapat lg. yela Lya pun hairan. ke mmg ditakdirkan cemni? rpt punya rpt. June, bulan ramadhan. kitorang rpt lg. lebih rpt dr before. at first mmg takut, serik dan yg sekutu dgn ny. sampai mama, cousins, aunties sendiri tnya, tak nak return ker apa bagai. bla bla bla 

1st July, he proposed me, to be his gf. and ofcourse I felt so happy bagai kena propose kahwin je haha yela pd mula mmg takut segala and it was a like dream for me. and alhamdulillah he is more serious than before. and mls lah nk heboh sgt sweet kitorang. haha and Lya btol2 tak sangka yg Lya dpt beraya bersama dgn Jirapah ni. tak tau nk describe mcm mane, I just felt sooooooo happy! 

tapi yg sedih ny, kitorang tpksa berjauhan lg. lebih jauh dr before. yela dulu Kuch-Myy je. still in the same country. but now, Jirapah kena transferred to KL. atas urusan kerja. at first mmg sedih, tiap saat rindu! sedih sgt. we dont know when will we meet again. sbb msg2 busy. tp Jirapah ada ws kt my mom yg dia nk pergi KL cri duit sbb nk kahwin dgn Lya. I was so surprised sbb tak sgka dia ada intention nk kahwin. yela poyo bru 20 dh buka topik psl kahwin. tp kitorang tak kisah lah ape org nk ckp. yg Lya tau, kahwin tu halal.

and now alhamdulillah, our loves are growing and growinggggggggg. tipu la if takde mslh kan? lg lg long distance relationship ni. insecurities and doubts ni mmg ada. tapi kitorang still togetha even blm smp setahun. tp alhamdulillah Lya yakin dgn relay yg skrg ni. Jirapah yg dulu bkn lh Jirapah yg skrg ni. tak same ehh. yg lps biar lah lepas. hiks!  

day by day, more than 111 days we've been together! alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. 

this is our love story since 2008 till now; 

"Since 2008, A crush became a boyfriend. A boyfriend became an ex. An ex became a stranger. A stranger became a crush. A crush became a stranger. A stranger became a crush. A crush became a lover. there is sooooooooo much paths weve go through together. we broke up, we dont talk for a year, i used to hate u, but still, we go thru ups and downs, like togetha. I hate u doesnt mean I really hate u. Cs i cant get u out of my head. I am not sooooo done with u. honestly saying, I cant help it. I cant help myself. Since then, I dont chase you anymore. But, I am waiting. and, tadaaa! love is worth the waits! Since our "new" official date, I just cant believe that happiness and loves has travelled into us for 111days. 1st of July, I may not remember what weve done on that day. but im pretty sure that we started it again. and I am waiting for our next 365th days. even weve known each other for ages. but hellyeah, who cares bout the days. Iloveyousomuchmyman, Encik Jirafah 💕 Always remember that you are the one crush that I can never get over since 2008. Thanks for giving me such a precious opportunities, warmth loves and loyalty. Imissyousomuch, damn much! ilafyu, Azizinazirin. From ur sincere and deep deeep deeeep deeeeep inside of your lady's heart, LyaAqlh xx 🌹"

and so here is some information of who is Jirapah hihihi 

Azizinazirin is his name. he is 20. tall and handsome guy. he is mine. and forever mine. 

okay that's all. 

thankyou in advance for taking the time to reading this! 

much love, liahongkiat. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


assalamualaikum, helo and hye. 9 March 2014, was a shocking news for the world an airplane disappear. All we need is to pray for MH370. No matter how far we are from them, we all are still the same. we all are humans. All of Malaysia is hoping and praying for all on board and their families. Still hoping for a miracle. Please come back. ya Allah, You knows best. please show us some clues where is the plane. We are still hoping.